Asako Ito  Composer & Flutist
Photo bySatoko Hara

Asako Ito - Composer & Flutist
Birthday : 4th May
A Graduate from the Department of Music at Nihon University's College of Art, She has been composing and performing original music - asthelead of several different bands at live gigs - since her student days.
Whilst at university  she received the following recognition:Winnerof the 'Yamaha Sound Contest'(Jury President:Tetsuya Komuro)-BestArrangement category, and theJury's Special Awardsat the 'NEC Music Festival'(Jury President:Satoshi Takebe).
2001: Her music was first used for a TV commercial
2002 -Now:She has been composing for some TV and radio commercials. (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation,ULVAC Corporation, CaliforniaRaisinsAssociation,
2007:Release of 1st solo album 'Music Bless You'
2009:Release of 2nd album 'Luce' (Youtube Link)
2012:Release of 3rd album 'Grace' (Youtube Link)
2013:She composed for the theme of the Atsuta Shrine memorial witch was founded 1900 years ago.
2014:'White Fairy Tale' (from the album 'Grace') was a Finalist in 'UK Songwriting Contest' - Instrumental category. (MV -'White Fairy Tale'Youtube Link)
2015:Release of 4th album 'Following the Wind' (Youtube Link)
Asako's all albums are on saleiTunes, Google Music, spotify and some online stores.

Asako's favorites
Sweets, Tofu & Yuba (Japanese healthy foods)
Gaspard et Lisa (picture book)
Tomomi Nishimoto (conductor)
James Galway (flutist)
Eddi Reader(Scottish singer and songwriter)
Yuka Kawamura (Japanese pianist, singer and songwriter)
Rene Magritte、Remedios Varo (painter)
Wearing Kimono

'Kochipan' (in French)
'Passion and Meaning' (in English)


TV commercial BGM 'Move sloper' (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd)
BGM of theatrical company 'Black List' - 2nd show
Radio commercial BGM (Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company)
Sales promotion song of 'Natto' (Takanofoods Co., Ltd.)
Radio commercial BGM(ULVAC corporation)
TV commercial SE 'Minica Limited' (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
TV commercial  BGM 'Colt' (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
C'bon salon BGM
Radio commercial sound logo (Mitsumoto Coffee Co.,Ltd.)
TV commercial song 'Colt, ek-wagon & Toppo' (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
fu-mie(Japanese singer) single 'Kimino-mikata'
SE for VP (BRITA GmbH)
TV commercial song (California Raisins Association)
The theme of the Atsuta Shrine memorial witch was founded 1900 years ago.

Ai Kawashima(Japanese singer), 'Grace'(Album 'Cafe&Musique')
ari(Japanese singer), 'acacia'(Album 'acacia')
Yumi Masuda(Japanese singer), 'Tsuki to Watashi'(Album 'Tsuki ni Akogarete')
fu-mie(Japanese singer), 'Kimino Mikata'(single) and 'Su-Suki'(Album 'Akaneiro no Sweater')
Grape Berry(Japanese group), 'Hitori janai/Deaeta Kiseki'
Besides this,played at many concerts,restaurants and parties.

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